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Katy Perry Wears Rental Jewelry

Celebrities are constantly in the public eye and are under major pressure to always look good and wear something different. Even though they make the big bucks, buying jewelry for every event would get far too expensive. Some designers may loan them items, but they also rent their jewelry.

Katy Perry wore rental Brumani jewels at the American Music Awards and let everyone in on her secret.  “Yes, we like to be bedazzled,” she said. “You know, most of it’s rental though. I hate to burst like all these people’s bubbles, but we’re all wearing rentals. They’re all rentals.”

You too can rent sparkle. Red Carpet Jewels is a new online site launching within the next month that will allow you to rent luxury pieces for events and special occasions. Get earrings for your wedding day, a tennis bracelet for the big fundraiser, or maybe even a pendant to make any evening remarkable. You can sign up now to be alerted when the site launches and learn about pieces up for grabs.