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Creating a Custom Ring

Our clients often come to us with little to no idea of what they want.  Others have very definite opinions and will bring pictures from magazines they have gathered over time.  And some of our clients come to us with a sketch.  In this case, they had drawn something on a napkin and brought it along. Her idea was that she wanted to set a round stone and two smaller princess cut stones in a fairly ornate ring with diamonds running down 3 sides of the shank.  Her sketch was basically exactly what she wanted.  After our initial discussion, we created a CAD image of our understanding of her sketch (Version 1 in the image below).  She loved it but she really wanted some scroll work on the side to break up the mass of the ring and she felt the princess cuts were not big enough.  Version accomplished that but unfortunately brought the price over her budget.  After talking it over, she decided to stick with the larger side stones but could save some money by reducing the number of diamonds going down the shank by half.  We originally planned on 36 small stones and Version 3 brought that down to 18.  This turned out to look to “stubby”.  The final version added a 4th stone (on three sides on both sides of the ring) and was the winner.  This whole design process took about 3 weeks and our customer got exactly what she wished for.