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Cushion and Graduated Trapazoid Engament Ring

Every ring we design is an adventure in interpretation and communication.  The clients who wanted this ring came into our showroom with the idea that she wanted a 5 carat stone with big baguettes coming down the side and split prongs.  Well, needless to say, the budget he had in mind was going to be stretched, but we started the process anyway.  The central piece of any engagement ring is the center stone and our first job was to pick one she liked.  Much to his relief, the 5 carat stones all looked too big on her and so we aimed a little smaller.  The winning candidate was a 3.5 ct cushion cut.  We build out from there, quickly realizing that baguettes, or more appropriately tapered baguettes were not what she had visualized.  They were too skinny and the look they were after was more substantial.  A little trial and error brought us to graduated brilliant-cut trapezoids.

We sketched the ring while they were here and lo and behold, with the side stones, the total weight was 5 carats! They left with a copy of our sketch, anticipating the finished ring.

About 10 days later, he returned to pick up the ring.

We have now received 4 phone calls over the last couple of months thanking us and telling us how much they love the ring.