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GIA Might Develop Cut-Grade System for Fancy Shaped Diamonds.

I was reading an article by Rob Bates in JCK magazine the other day entitled “GIA Developing System to Evaluate Fancy Cuts.”  My first thought upon reading the title was that it was about time, diamantaires have known for ages what a nice fancy shape looks like.  According to Bates, the GIA is going to conduct a survey and gauge “reactions to different types of marquise, oval, and pear shapes.” Eventually, if they decide to create a grading system for fancy shapes, it will be a mix of observation and mathematical evaluations.

DiamondIdeals.com has had a cut grading system for fancy shapes for years.  It is not flawless, but serves as an excellent tool for presorting through stones.  As diamond dealers on the very active New York Diamond District, we see thousands of diamonds come across our desks every week, many of which have already been graded.  After years of experience plowing through grading reports, we have developed a system by which we can easily dismiss lesser made goods without examining them.  Our system, which assigns a cut grade to every diamond that does not have one assigned by a lab, is based on examining the proportions, polish and symmetry of each stone and how they related to each other.  Each stone is then assigned a cut grade based on all these factors.  This is not a flawless system either, but it serves a purpose and can be relied upon when trying to weed through a large selection of diamonds.

If the GIA is interested in saving lots of time and energy, they can ask to see how our system works.  I might be willing to share.