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Trend Watch: Fall Jewelry Comes In With A Bullet

Fashion Week has begun in New York City! Models are currently strutting their stuff down the runways at Lincoln Center and everywhere you look there is style. Richard Chai, Wayne Lee, Marc Jacobs, Phillip Lim and several others have already paved the way for one of this season’s hottest trends: Military chic. And it’s not just clothes that are getting this treatment, jewelry is also standing to salute.
Look for at least one statement accesory to buy this season that is based on weapons or ammunition. Jagged crystals, rough edges, and burnt metals add to the effect, packing a punch in already powerful pieces. Many designers are making bullet jewelry out of precious metals like gold and silver (which is good for joking about running into werewolves) while others are opting to stay with authentic materials and use actual bullets and casings. 
Others are experimenting by taking the bullets and making them into more feminine shapes like flowers or softening their effect by juxtaposing them with strands of pearls and diamonds. If you usually dress very feminine anyway, a more aggressive piece can add a stylish contrast, while those who choose to dress less girly may want to opt for a more lady-like piece to play up the look.